What Sets Us Apart

Personalized Attention

Everyone is unique – their lifestyle, their desires, their smile. We understand this. It is what guides us when it comes to your treatment and how you are treated. At Havens Orthodontics, expect to receive personalized attention from the moment you walk through our door. We customize everything to fit you; whether it is your treatment options, flexible financial arrangements, or length of treatments – it will be individualized to you.
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Our Promise

Havens Orthodontics was started by two brothers, Aaron and David Havens. Naturally, we are family-focused and specialize in working with your family to fit your needs. We believe that orthodontic treatment should be a mutual decision between us and you, based on your desires. Our discussions start when we first meet and will continue until you are 100% elated with your smile transformation.

At Havens Orthodontics, we value your time and the trust you place in us. Whether it’s the latest in comfort, technology, reduced treatment time, or even a great cup of coffee, we will meet and exceed your expectations. After all, our patient is YOU!

Dr. Aaron and Dr. David Havens

iTero Technology

No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using an iTero scanner, Dr. Havens can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and jaw. This new technology completely eliminates the tray and putty impressions, which most patients compare to stuffing a big wad of gum in their mouths. The old technique is incredibly unpleasant and frequently results in taking multiple rounds of impressions that are often rejected, broken, or misplaced. The iTero scanner ensures a more accurate impression from the start, resulting in improved treatment and a more comfortable patient experience. Digital impressions also give you the ability to see your teeth instantly in 3D, improving communication during the consultation and treatment process.
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The Havens Difference

We Support Those Who Protect Us

For all of the brave men and women who protect and serve this great country, including military, police, fire, and EMS, we express our gratitude by happily extending a discount on any needed orthodontic treatment. It is our way of showing appreciation for all that you do for each and every citizen in this great nation!

Affordable and Flexible Finances

Orthodontic care should be easy and affordable. We will work directly with your insurance provider and offer in-office payment plans that will fit your family’s needs and budget. CareCredit is offered to extend payment options for those interested. With all of these options, there is surely one that will fit your needs.

Products Made in the USA

Raised in a family supported by the Detroit auto industry, both doctors value the importance of American-made products. As a result of this, we are proud to say that our braces are made in the USA! The products that we use are at the forefront of comfort and technology, allowing us to offer our patients the very best in orthodontic care. We could not be happier to support American workers and American factories!

No Invisalign® Surchage

Invisalign® straightens teeth using a series of clear removable aligners that fit snugly over your teeth. They may look like retainers, but each aligner shifts your teeth slightly following a custom treatment plan mapped out by the doctors. When you change the sequential aligners, your teeth gradually move into position without braces. We believe in offering our patients choices in their treatment, and we want you to choose what is right for you.


Training makes all the difference. When looking for orthodontic care, there are many options, but not all outcomes are equal. Treatment outcomes are only as good as the person directing them. Our doctors are graduates of the University of Michigan and Harvard University. These institutions continuously rank as two of the best in the country and in the world for dentistry and orthodontics. Drs. David and Aaron passed the American Board of Orthodontics examination.

No Impressions

We utilize the latest technology in our practice to make treatment more comfortable and efficient. Our goal is to deliver the best quality of care in the shortest amount of time. We also utilize a revolutionary digital scanner to eliminate the unpleasant goopy impressions for braces and Invisalign. We use the latest in digital charting and record keeping, which allows us to analyze your treatment in every detail. Along with this, our digital radiographs and 3D models offer state of the art imagery to both analyze and monitor your treatment from start to finish.