Early Orthodontic Intervention

May 30, 2023
Happy, dark-haired girl showing off her smile

Have you ever heard the expression, “The early bird catches the worm?” Well, we believe the early orthodontist creates the best smile!

Even if your child’s teeth look fine, problems may lurk under the surface. As teeth develop and emerge, they can wreak havoc on the rest. 

At Havens Orthodontics, we help children obtain healthy, happy smiles and stress the importance of early orthodontic intervention for the best results. 

So what should you know?

General information

Early orthodontic intervention is a term we use to describe evaluating and treating pediatric patients during adolescence because it’s possible to detect problems when your child still has some baby teeth.  

Sometimes, we intervene as early as seven years old, which is when we recommend parents bring their children in for the first time, and that’s also when the American Association of Orthodontists suggests scheduling a child’s first visit with an orthodontist. 

During your little one’s first visit, we’ll thoroughly examine their jaw and teeth for future misalignments and other similar problems. 

In many cases, our orthodontist will order X-rays so we can capture a view of the teeth underneath the surface as well as the jaw. We can then determine if braces or other orthodontic devices could benefit your child.

Types of treatments offered 

After your child’s evaluation, our expert orthodontists will craft a plan to prevent misalignments, gaps, and similar problems. 

Some of the treatments we may use include the following:

  • Clear braces 
  • Invisalign 
  • Metal braces 

Clear braces work like traditional ones; they place pressure on each tooth and gradually shift them into their desired positions. While metal braces are noticeable, clear braces consist of ceramic or porcelain material that matches your child’s natural teeth. 

Invisalign is another option. Rather than applying pressure to each tooth individually, Invisalign places pressure on all teeth simultaneously to cause them to shift together. For this treatment, your child must wear aligners that change weekly or biweekly for at least 22 hours each day.

Sometimes, the treatment approach consists of metal braces for children that put pressure on each tooth to cause it to move from its current position into its desired one. 

In some cases, a child may not need early intervention but will require monitoring. Through continuous observation, we can determine when or if treatment is necessary. 

Why choose early orthodontic intervention 

Your child’s jaw is at its most moldable when young, making early orthodontic intervention successful for correcting problems efficiently and effectively. 

By intervening early, we can prevent your child from needing more invasive or extensive treatments in the future, which eases the stress on your child and may save your bank account. 

Through early pediatric orthodontic care, we can help your child step off on the right foot for optimal oral hygiene since straight teeth are easier to clean without all that extra space. Your child will also be happier with their smile, which can lead to them wanting to take good care of those pearly whites. 

Other possible benefits include:

  • Boosting self-confidence and preventing self-esteem issues in the future
  • Preventing speech impediments and eating difficulty
  • Improving facial symmetry 
  • Providing space for new teeth
  • Addressing prolonged thumb, pacifier, finger, or bottle/sippy cup sucking habits that interfere with jaw and teeth growth 

At Havens Orthodontics, our staff believes early orthodontic intervention can lead to dazzling smiles and healthy teeth and gums, whether a child has a crossbite, underbite, excessive spacing, or other similar orthodontic problems. 

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